With the abundance of early retirement programs considered good practice in times of down-sizing and the trend of taking early retirement to enjoy the fruits of one's labour, mature workers have not been considered a hot commodity. Now, with an impending skills shortage and an aging population, businesses must recognize the need to keep mature workers and hire back retirees. 

The most successful businesses will tap into the vast experience of this cohort and be smart about how they use it, such as using Mature Workers as consultants to train younger staff and as part-time support that need little "ramp time". Today's seniors live longer, healthier lives and are making positive contributions to the flexible organizations that recognize their potential!

Myths & Realities about Mature Workers

Myth: Older workers are biding their time until retirement
Reality: Many older workers want to continue to work

Myth: Older workers are less productive
Reality: Older workers can be as productive as younger workers

Myth: Older workers will retire before the investment in training pays off in the long-term
Reality: The term for return on investment in training is getting shorter

Myth: Older workers are unwilling or unable to adapt to new technologies
Reality: Older workers have the ability to learn new knowledge and keep pace with younger workers

To find out more about mature worker myths and realities, visit this link

 Are you interested in hiring a mature worker? 

We hold a mature mixer every year before the upcoming summer season to help tourism operators with their recruiting needs. If you would like to participate in the mature mixer in 2016 please contact the HR Advisor at TIAPEI at bcumming@tiapei.pe.ca

At the mature mixer you can speak with mature workers about your current and upcoming recruitment needs. In just a few hours you can meet numerous qualified, eager to work candidates in a relaxed and informal setting.

Passport to Employment Through Tourism!

The Passport Program was developed to assist mature workers to get back into the work force.

As a Tourism Operator:

Would you be willing to speak to the passport groups about your business?
Are you interested in having our groups tour your business?
Would you be interested in recruiting from this labour market
Why hire an older worker? 

Service with Experience - Mature workers often have excellent customer-service skills
Loyalty & a Strong Work Ethic - Once hired, older workers usually choose to stay at a job longer, which will save you time and money finding, hiring and training new staff
Satisfied Customers - Since the population is aging, more of your customers are getting older too. If you hire older workers, your older customers will appreciate it. 

For more information please contact Kim at (902) 566-5008; toll free 1-866-566-5008 or email ksmith@tiapei.pe.ca