WorldHost is a one-day seminar which gives participants the skills to be the ‘Best Hosts’ they can be when guests visit their business. WorldHost was developed in anticipation of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to prepare Vancouver to welcome the world and was also used at the 2012 London Olympics. 

In partnership with PEI 2014, TIAPEI began offering WorldHost training sessions in the fall of 2013 in preparation for the PEI 2014 festivities. To date, 1,180 customer service professionals have been
 certified through WorldHost seminars.

The day is spent learning or perhaps reviewing the fundamentals of customer service:

 • Understand the importance of excellent customer service by using and remembering names, making conversation, making a great first impression, and how to WOW your customers.

• Enhance communication skills by learning the importance of body language, giving clear directions, and using professional telephone techniques.

• Learn how to listen carefully to customers to better understand their needs. Understand the importance of handling customer concerns, effective and empathetic listening skills, and the art of service recovery.

• Promote awareness of the tourism industry on PEI. Statistics are used to remind participants of the vital role tourism plays in PEI’s economy. Participants become aware of the many attractions and events available in their individual communities and from tip to tip on the Island. Included is a discussion of all the events and activities surrounding the PEI 2014 celebrations.

A reminder to always ‘Go the Extra Mile’ and to follow five commitments:

• Give fully
• Respect everyone
• Empathize with others 
• Excel at your job
• Team work works

A very important part of the day is sharing ideas through discussions. Here is a quote from one of the participants.

“WorldHost gives people the chance to discuss issues that are unique and challenging to their work environment.”   - Seminar participant 

For more information, please call Kim Smith at (902)566-5008; toll free 1-866-566-5008 or email