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Canada's award winning training resources developed by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) in collaboration with tourism industry professionals from across Canada. emerit offers support for:

Small Business
A highly skilled workforce means bottom line profits.

Corporate and Chains
Seamlessly integrate emerit skills training with your brand.

Superior skills create vast opportunities for success.

Canadian made, internationally recognized training.

The benefits of emerit:

  • emerit training products and programs are based on industry-defined standards, recognized across Canada. The range of emerit training products is incredibly diverse, encompassing many professional positions in the tourism sector. And they are created by professionals for professionals, making emerit the finest training resource available to the tourism sector.
  • emerit works for everybody. Employees gain confidence from the increased recognition they receive from employers and co-workers. Businesses that have used the emerit line to enhance and recognize the skills of their employees in their respective fields continue to tell us about increases in repeat business, in word-of-mouth referrals, in incremental spending by loyal customers and efficiency of staff.
  • The emerit brand includes National Occupational Standards, training tools, and Professional Certification program - all key components of the Council's commitment to building the most professional Canadian tourism work force possible. The brand also includes online learning resources.

For more information on training your employees with emerit - please contact Lori DesRoches at (902) 566-5008; Toll Free 1-866-566-5008 or email ldesroches@tiapei.pe.ca