Working in tourism means different things to different people: flexible part time or seasonal jobs, full time positions, or rewarding careers. The right opportunity is waiting for you in one of Canada's fastest growing industries - Choose Tourism!

With such a wide range of occupations and entrepreneurial opportunities to choose from, you can have the rewarding and fulfilling career you deserve. For immediate or short-term employment needs, consider part time or seasonal occupations in a variety of occupations. From snow sports, cruise ships, casinos, and theme parks to rafting adventures and other attractions, jobs in tourism offer fun, dynamic social settings that will make your work or career experiences unforgettable.


See for yourself what it is like to work in the tourism industry on PEI!

Careers in Tourism - Front Desk Agent
Meet Josh. A Front Desk Agent working in Charlottetown, PEI. Let Josh show you what a day in a life of a Front Desk Agent looks like!

Careers in Tourism - Line Cook
Meet Andrew. A young man working in PEI as a Line Cook. Hear his real life stories of cooking in the industry and why he loves his job!

Careers in Tourism - Visitor Information Counsellor
Meet Robin. A Visitor Information Counsellor who provides information to visitors and absolutely loves helping people plan their dream PEI vacations.

Careers in Tourism - Housekeeping Room Attendant
Meet Rose. A young lady working in Charlottetown, PEI as a Housekeeping Room Attendant. Hear about her housekeeping stories and why she loves her fast paced job!

Careers in Tourism - Food & Beverage Server
Meet Sarah, a food and beverage server on PEI. Hear what she has to say about working in tourism, including perks, responsibilities and why she continues to stay in the industry.