Life Long Learner... Meet Corinne Lavers-white

Meet Corinne Lavers-White

Corinne Lavers-White is enjoying her new career in the tourism industry. After working as a teacher for 28 years, Corinne was looking for a change. She was retiring from a full time job and wanted to move onto something different. She wanted the hours to be different, the dress code different and most important she wanted something she would enjoy.

The big question, where do you start to find this new job? Leaving a job after 28 years and starting something new can be fun and exciting but it can also be stressful. Where to look for a job, how to put together a resume and go for an interview can be a bit over whelming.

The Passport to Employment Program, a program designed for individuals 55-64 looking to stay or re-enter the workforce which is funded by the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning and sponsored by the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, is the perfect place to start your new journey. Corinne heard about the program and decided to give it a try. Right from the start, the program made her feel comfortable as everyone in the group was the same age and looking for employment.

Corrine was very comfortable talking in front of her students but speaking to a group of adults was totally different. The Passport Program showed Corinne her skills were transferable from one career to another. Having a love for Prince Edward Island and being with people helped to steer her in the direction of becoming a Tour Guide. With any new job, the learning continues regardless of age or experience. Corinne knew that to be a professional Tour Guide; she should enroll in emerit professional certification. The emerit certification is a national recognition which demonstrates you have the skills, knowledge and attitude to be a professional Tour Guide. Corinne successfully completed the process and is a nationally certified Tour Guide. Corinne‘s learning hasn’t stopped , she continues to update her knowledge by attending a Tour Guide refresher course offered each year by TIAPEI. Corinne’s new career is very rewarding as she gets to share Prince Edward Island with visitors from around the world.

For more information on emerit products and services or the Passport to Employment Program, contact Kathy Livingstone at or call 902-566-5008.

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