Best Practice: Hiring Newcomers to Canada

From 1989 to 2013 more than 5.8 million permanent immigrants landed in Canada.   

They bring with them new cultures and international experience. It is beneficial to have a culturally diverse workforce which brings innovation and a staff less prone to groupthink.

Newcomers may also speak languages aside from English and French which is beneficial for tourism employers looking to reach or communicate with other cultures. Being exposed to new cultures and perspectives can help people grow and learn.
Over the past few years the Comfort Inn in Charlottetown has hired a number of newcomers and have had very positive experiences. They currently have four newcomers working in the housekeeping department. 
Shawna Grandjean, General Manager, says they have benefited immensely. “One of the greatest benefits of hiring a newcomer is that they are very eager to learn English and will work in whatever capacity to do so.  

They are very dedicated to their positions as well.” Shawna has had huge success in hiring newcomers. She believes they have a lot to offer “Dedication, loyalty, willingness to learn new skills, many skills to teach fellow co-workers from their countries and they offer us knowledge of the areas they come from.”

With the harder to fill positions, i.e. housekeeping and kitchen staff, employers have had to look at non- traditional labour pools- Newcomers to Canada are a great option.
Every year in March, TIAPEI offers an information session for newcomers to PEI. These sessions give employers an opportunity to meet with a group of newcomers who are interested in working in the tourism industry on PEI. Employers can tell them about the company and the positions that are available. If you are interested in attending these sessions or to learn more please contact the HR Advisor at TIAPEI.
If you are considering hiring a newcomer you can contact the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada. They have a wealth of information and can set you up with an employment counsellor who will guide you through the entire process- from sharing the employment ad, assisting during the interview and training process and providing ongoing training.

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